Saturday , March 28th 2020
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The $27,000 Toilet Seat – Funny DIY Story

This story was instructed to me by a plumber I do know and it brings residence the rationale why there are occasions to name an expert.

I acquired a name from a home-owner asking for somebody to come back estimate some repairs. After I requested the kind of repairs, he mentioned it might be too many to enumerate, however a lot simpler if I simply got here out to the home and appeared. I went. It started like this…

Outdated Joe needed to alter his bathroom seat, however could not get the outdated one off. So he tried wrenches till he rounded off the nuts (he was turning them the unsuitable manner as a result of they have been the wrong way up) after which determined to get his trusty chilly chisel and hammer out. Properly, he tapped a bit on it with no success, so he drew again the hammer to smite a mighty blow in opposition to the cussed bolt. In so doing he broke the bathroom tank and flooded the realm with chilly water. This chilly water gave him a shock and he drew again in a rush dropping the hammer into the tub inflicting a giant chunk of the porcelain to pop off the bathtub ground.

Regrouping his ideas, he ran right down to the basement two flooring beneath to close off the water to the home, the home had no different valves put in when it was constructed within the 1890’s. In the meantime water was flooding by the flooring and had saturated the plaster of the ceiling beneath to the purpose it collapsed into the lounge. Outdated Joe then eliminated what was left of the bathroom tank, and tried to take away the bowl from the ground flange. It would not budge both, so out comes the trusty chisel and hammer once more, and “WHACK” no extra bathroom bowl. Within the course of nonetheless, he managed to tear the closet flange from the ground as properly,and because it was hooked up to a lead closet bend, it torn and now wanted changed too. He decided that it might be needed to chop out the tee within the stack the place the closet bent was hooked up. Since he had no thought restore outdated lead piping, he thought utilizing that nifty PVC from Dwelling Depot would do the trick.

He tried to chop the forged iron stack with a hacksaw to no avail, then tried a sawzall, additionally fruitless, so…. yep, out comes the nice outdated chisel and hammer, however a much bigger hammer this time. He whacks on the stack just a few mighty blows and Viola’ it splits into a number of items with one tiny phase nonetheless holding all of it collectively. He pried the final vestige of stable pipe out of the wall with a crowbar and all of the sudden the remaining part of pipe (the vent going by the roof) lets go and with a mighty crash comes down and out of the wall by the sub ground into the now plaster much less ceiling of the lounge, continues its downward respectable till it hits the TV set, ricocheting off that and thru the ground of the lounge till it hit {the electrical} panel plunging the home into whole darkness and eventually involves relaxation after shearing off the primary water shut off valve flooding the basement.

This was a $27,000 bathroom seat alternative.